2017 Litter Update!

Thank you Beach Pomsky fans for your continuing interest — we’re sorry to report that the breeding process for Tess didn’t take this time around so we will not have any puppies in 2017.

We expect Tess will start the process again around March/April 2018 with puppies arriving ~May/June, 2018, as ballpark.

Please check back in spring for updates on our next litter — Tess will be relaxing and having fun annoying her brother the rest of this year.

Please email us at beachpomsky@yahoo.com if you’d like to be added to our notification list for the next litter. We’ll email when 1) Litter confirmed & on the way 2) Litter arrived 3) ~4 weeks of age eye color and at that time deposits will be accepted on first come first serve basis.