Nov. 2016 litter on the way!


We have confirmed via ultrasound we have a litter of six (6) Pomsky puppies on the way, ~Nov. 19 arrival date so ~Jan. 19 adoption date.

We are no longer taking any inquiries for the 2016 litter as we have 200+ interested parties dating back to Jan. 2016.

If you’re NOT already on our notification email list for 2016 (emailed us Jan – Sep ’16 inquiries), we’ll begin 2017 litter notification requests in August, watch our Facebook and this site for details next summer.

If you ARE on our 2016 notification list (emailed us Jan – Sep ’16), we will be notifying you via email as to our impending litter and your position order (based on original date of inquiry) for requesting deposit submission and process details. We have 200+ on the notification list for this litter.

Thanks again for everyone’s interest! Reminder, Tess and Johnny’s first litter at nearly 1-year old ranges 15lbs – 35lbs – definitely not toy-sized 🙂